Negative Image Effect

19 March 2010.
In photography, you need to edit your photos. Some photos lend themselves to more editing than others. Sometimes you just have one certain photo that you just can't help playing around with.

I like to push the limits of what you normally see in photography, but that is what makes a true photographer, right? Someone who isn't afraid to go beyond the "traditional" shots. If you don't push the limits you end up walking in the footsteps of all that came before. So I make some detours here and there and what I come up with is very worth while.

Take this photo for example:

A beautiful photo of the Cape Henry Lighthouses, here in Norfolk Va. While this is a very nice photo on its own, I had to play around with it some.

I changed the look to reflect a negative image. This effect darkened the light areas and lightened the dark areas. The clouds that had blended into the sky in the original image stood out and now produces an eerie feel. Here is the altered photo:

The photo now looks kinda post-apocalyptic but in a very interesting way. It is not something that you see everyday in photography. Admittedly, some photos are better left to the motto, less is more. However, sometimes you just have to go with your gut and push the envelope. Sometimes it does work out and what you will have is a photo that not only speaks to you but emits a feeling.

Photography in today's culture allows for trying new things. Since we have entered the digital age, it is easier to produce effects like this. If you try it and you don't like it, easy peasy change it back. It's so easy to try out cool effects and see what fits the mood of your photo. For me, the mood for this photo is very dark and eerie, almost depressing but it keeps drawing you in.

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c said...

That's really cool. I like how you changed the original picture.

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