20 March 2010.
Working with macro is something that I love. Getting up close and personal with your subject (as long as that subject doesn't bite). You can find some amazing things when you look closely at something.

I was down at the River taking some photos, actually retaking photos. Ever since I lost my last computer worth of photos when my computer crashed, I have been working on trying to get some of them back. At least reshooting as close as I can get to the original. Well I decided to get a pretty awesome shot underneath the fishing pier, seeing as how I am a sucker for leading line shots. Well anyway, as I was under the pier I noticed something that had the potential for a great shot. This is what I saw:

The texture of the barnacles is what caught me the most. I tilted the camera to gain depth of field so the closest barnacles are blurred and then they get clearer the further out they get. The reason I did that was so the composition would let you see the texture and not just the barnacles. The point I wanted to make with this photo was that anything has potential to be a photograph. It just depends on how you want to see it and what feeling you want to convey.

2 Comentários:

C said...

really cool pic.

TiLT said...

fab pic!

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