American Beauty

23 March 2010.
I love seeing how 1 theme can be captured in so many different ways. It all reflects the same image but each photo can produce completely different emotions when you look at them.

During a recent trip to Pennsylvania, my husband took this photo. Such an interesting image and so emotional as well.

It really pulls an emotional string when you look at it. You can almost feel the chill and it really is hard to pull yourself away from it.

Now this next photo, I took while on base at Fort Story. I was walking along the beach taking photos of the waves and this image caught my eye. Adding the black and white tone makes it feel more somber.

The framing with the trees adds to the emotional state and the overall feel of the photo.

The emotion that you feel from both photos are so different and yet the subject is the same. This just shows that any subject can produce different effects, you just have to see what you want it to say, how you want it to feel.


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