Lost photos

05 June 2009.
Well I have had a bit of misfortune. My computer hard drive with ALL of my photography and my portfolio crashed a little while back. Of course, it does this the day before I scheduled to back everything up on disk... Don't ya just love it.

So, while I had all my photos here on my ArtFire shop for sale, they have now been taken down for the time being. The only photos I still have up are the ones I still had either on my memory card or on my old computer.

Good news, is that as we speak, my photos are being retrieved from the old drive and will be back in my possession soon. So until that time, the only photos that I can update with would be new ones. And that might happen if it ever stops raining and being just generally miserable.

I will also be updating this blog with some of my columns for HandmadeNews as I begin to discuss composition and this will play perfectly with my plans here. So as I show photos here that relate, you can also read the tips for achieving the same composition in your own photos.

If you have not already done so, check out HandmadeNews.org and read up on articles in all forms of crafting as well as my own photography tips and techniques.


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