Bruton Parish Church

13 April 2009.
It's no big secret that I love ghost stories, I mean after all my mom used to work as a tour guide on these nightly ghost tours by lantern through Colonial Williamsburg. Having lived in Yorktown for 21 years and working in Williamsburg myself you see a lot of history. History just in the land itself, such as the Battlefields of Yorktown and then all the history that is Williamsburg, all the original houses and even the local ghosts.

Well, I love working on my photography in these areas because of all the history and you never quite know what you may end up with by taking a picture here. This photo was taken at the Bruton Parish Church on Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg.

The story:
A long time back when Williamsburg was booming, there was this little boy around 8 who had made best friends with a slave boy of the same age. These two were practically inseparable. They would sneak out and play around the graveyard of this church and steal potatoes from workers as they would pass by to go into the taverns. The father did not approve of the boys friendship and tried to keep the two apart. This did not stop the boys from sneaking out and playing together at night. Well, the young boy became very ill and eventually passed away. The father laid his son to rest in a family tomb in the cemetery at Bruton Parish. Heartbroken and now without his only friend, the young slave boy ended up passing away a year later. The father, knowing how much this little boy meant to his son, buried the slave boy on top of his own son in the same plot.
Now, these two little boys are together in death as they had been in life. They have been seen by passerbys of the cemetery at night. They say that if you look real carefully you can see the two boys, one white and one black holding hands and walking around the cemetery.


I am stating the obvious here... I am only retelling ONE of the NUMEROUS stories about this particular ghost story. This is in no way to be taken in any other way except for entertainment.

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Ninja Jenn™ said...

awesome photo and i LOVE hearing the story behind it!


coltpixy said...

Wonderful photograph! True or not the story is beautiful.

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