Introduction and a bit about me

31 March 2009.
I am a work at home wife who pretty much enjoys anything I can do to create things. I live on the coast of Virginia and am near a lot of history and really amazing places. I love to see something that I made with my own two hands form into a piece of art. I started out designing jewelry and then expanded that into chainmaille. I went back to school and enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography and began to really concentrate on my photos. I began to expand my online shops further with the addition of my photographs. I also sew and make items for Home Decor. I am always working on creating something, whether it be art in the form of something you wear or something to place in your home.

This blog is going to about photography that pushes the limits. This is my style of Photography, photography that is beyond the boundaries of tradition. Unique views of the world around us and the perception that anything is possible. I break the limits of photography and my photos are not what you would see in the local gallery window. These photos are breaking the limits of traditional photography.

I have grown up seeing amazing photos from some of the best photographers. I have often wondered what sets them apart from the next person who goes to that spot to take a photo. When I began photography school, I started to understand that it's all in the eye of the photographer. I want to stand out, I want to have photos that are not seen all the time. I have a different perspective than most. I like things a little darker and maybe a little more morbid than the next photographer.

I like shooting digital but I still have a soft spot for the effects of film. I enjoy taking my digital shots and adding different effects to give them a certain ambiance. I will be showing some of my work and the effects used to produce the shots. My prints are available for sale and can be purchased from this blog. I will be showing some of my regular photography as well as my more unique prints so you never know what I might be shooting next.

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Karrie said...

Can't wait to see all of them!! <3

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